As a trainer, what’s the thing that keeps you up at night...that brings you anxiety and doubt? What if the people I'm training don’t “get it”? What if nothing changes…nothing is learned…no new behaviors or attitudes result?  Impacting and changing behavior is a really hard thing to do! By our very nature most of us are resistant to change.

According to Learning Solutions, here is the compelling and troubling truth. Within one hour after a training session, 50% of the people will have forgotten what they learned. Within 24 hours…70%...and within a week, 90% will have retained nothing of what they were presented in training.

A cornerstone of Quantum Leap Productions is this: when information is not retained and acted on, it is NEVER the fault of the message…it is ALWAYS the fault of the delivery.  So, unless your people “get it”, the time, investment, and very reason to pull your employees from their work to learn something new is a waste.

For 26 years, QLP has been creating wildly entertaining and compelling training; in sales, in diversity, in management, and more. 

How do we make training compelling? We remember stories and plays, right? And we remember things that make us laugh and feel. We don’t remember “explanations”.  When we produce training sessions imperative number 1 is that it has to be entertaining. We engage people because the stories they see on-stage are about them…their world, their challenges, and what they do in their jobs every day. We have a mantra that QLP lives by - "If it’s about me, you have my attention”. It’s human nature. We are our own favorite topic. If you are simply telling your people what to do, how to do it, and what to feel…it will fail.

We utilize actors and comedic sketches to bring the behaviors you want people to adopt to life. Your trainers can interact with your trainees based on what they just saw together on-stage. Engagement soars; so does retention….and that leads to action.

You can join these companies to see just how effective QLP training methodology is.

"Your ability to drive home key messages...nothing short of amazing!  Salespeople loved the training...seriously, they really did!" 
- Bank of America

"Our CEO said, "Best training I've ever seen!" 
- CSK Auto

 "The training was a huge success...your actors were amazing...material right on." 
- Osteotech

 "A benchmark of adult learning behavior, remarkably effective." 
- Motorola


Call us today…we’ll work our creative magic just for you and have your next training session rock the house!

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