Do you roll your eyes and sigh when the subject of “Team Building” comes up? Does the thought of implementing yet another Team Building event bring on anxiety and a wish that you could just skip it this year? The fact is, according to Forbes Magazine, most employees dread Team Building.

When done right, Team Building experiences can be very effective, but building bears, and bikes, or having people climb ropes, is not the best way to build a real sense of “team”.

QLP has been creating custom Team Building events for 26 years. We have a few imperatives we live by. First, every Team Building event must be for everyone…something every single person, with any diverse skill set, can excel in. You ever try a ropes course? How’d that work out for your less than athletically inclined employees? In truth, events like this can shatter a team. It can crush relationships, not build them, and cause rifts between employees. Not what your company has in mind.

So, the answer? No more building bikes, bears, or climbing ropes. Make sure your event actually promotes individuals CHOOSING to work together as a team, and create an environment that not only engages them but one where every single person can shine. If your event recognizes and honors all skill sets and talents, it will succeed!

Give us shout and we’ll create a Team Building experience for your employees that will engage everyone, be super fun, and will actually make people feel like they’re part of a team.   


Here are a few QLP clients who have come to rely on our custom team building events.

"Highest rated event of our whole week...And all of it was about our curriculum... the Quiz Show was unbelievable!" 
- Johnson Controls

"Over 15 years, worked with many team building companies...none come close to Quantum Leap."                                         - Deloitte

"Incredible impact on Motorola sales organization...and huge fun as well."                                                                                 - Motorola

"We will never go back to using just another team building company.  None compare with a custom QLP event.  Just no comparison"                                                                                                                                                                                        - Wells Fargo

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