I'm proud to add this one to my library!

Very impressed and inspired. I do my best to follow the same approach Dennis talks about in my business and life. This book will be very helpful in continuing to learn how to make my employees happy, inspired and productive in a way that many companies will never experience. I will make it required reading for my leadership team and I know they will embrace the direction it can take my company. As owners, we have a responsibility to help our staff meet their dreams. This book outlines some great action items that can help us not only understand the importance on our culture but what steps are needed to grow the culture with purpose. The summation of stats at the end really show that, above anything else how we treat our team changes the game. I have read thousands of books and I'm proud to add this one to my library! I can’t wait for an opportunity to attend one of the authors speaking engagements.

Marshall Doyle, CEO & President, Cal-Cert