Public speaking is one of the most primal and universal fears in the world; you’ve heard that, right? Research and empirical studies in human behavior show this to be a fact.

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Now, add in lights, camera, crew, make-up, teleprompter equipment and operator, director, and an all-important message that needs to be delivered with gravitas and confidence, and what happens? Many critical messages get lost in a hesitant, tentative, and even fearful delivery.

Most every company creates videos featuring key employees and leaders. But, are these videos as effective as they could be? Do they accomplish what you need them to?  Do people "get" your message? You have a great message, set-up, a great crew, and great script, yet success ultimately depends on the person delivering the message, right? Or how about an interview format that needs to be natural, compelling, and believable? Are you always happy with the final result?

Quantum Leap Productions has been producing high end corporate videos for 20 years, and has produced hundreds of executive interviews and direct-to-camera executive presentations and addresses. Over the years we have realized that if you don’t put as much prep time into your speakers, as you do the overall production, you are at risk the video will not accomplish what you need it to.

We have developed a media training protocol to get corporate speakers and presenters comfortable and confident in front of the camera, to ensure every shoot is the very best it can be, and that every message gets presented succinctly, confidently, and effectively.

Sure, lots of video production companies will shoot and edit your video, but how many have, on staff, a multiple Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer, a nationally recognized Keynote Speaker and #1 Bestselling Author, and Director of Photography and editing staff with more Industry Awards than we have space to display? Quantum Leap brings you all this in addition to the proven expertise needed to create visually stunning and wildly effective videos, start to finish.

We will make your company leaders feel confident and assured in front of the camera. It’s what we do.


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