87% of employees in the U.S. are unengaged and unhappy…87%!  And that’s not good. Every year $500 billion is lost due to employee’s lack of engagement…half a trillion dollars, simply because employees are not happy in their jobs.  According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with happy employees will have nearly 40% higher sales, 35% higher productivity, and a swing of over 60% in earnings growth.  So, where do these happy, engaged, productive employees come from? A respectful, joyful, appreciative, and supportive company culture.

After 25 years of sitting in on hundreds of high level company leadership meetings, we had an epiphany. That American business culture, in general, was in a dismal, even tragic, state; but it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why Quantum Leap Productions Founder, Dennis Ford, wrote the book Monetize Your Culture: Create A Passionate, Committed Workforce That Actually Increases Your Bottom Line. It hit #1 bestseller on Amazon after only a few weeks, which tells us corporate leadership in the United States is ready to address the shortcomings, and unfulfilled growth potential, of business culture.

Based on the principles in the book, we created QLP Culture Consulting…a quantifiable system to literally change your company culture and dramatically improve its performance.  It can be done, we assure you!


Call us today to explore the reality that productivity and revenues in your company can grow 40% by creating an environment that inspires and supports your employees.

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"Throughout my career working with customers, acquisition targets, and business partners, I have seen how corporate culture defines a company.  A toxic culture...will doom a company to the scrape yard of corporate mediocrity. Dennis has nailed it...a must read."

Jim Armstrong, Founder, former CEO, JDA Software

"This book is an absolute MUST for anyone running an organization/company that has any employees. A week ago I would have said that having a joyful yet productive company culture is an oxymoron. After reading this book I’m convinced that applying Dennis’ practical recommendations will create a more engaged culture while increasing the bottom line."                                           

Haydee Antezana, Author, Speaker, CEO

"Very impressed and inspired. I do my best to follow the same approach Dennis talks about in my business and life...will be very helpful in continuing to learn how to make my employees happy, inspired and productive in a way that many companies will never experience...required reading for my leadership team."    

Marshall Doyle, President, CEO Cal-Cert 

"Finally, someone has put into writing what business has seemed to have forgotten; people are a companies most important resource. And a happy worker is a more productive worker. Dennis shares his years of experience with companies that want to make their culture a highly productive profit center...and it works!"  

 - Jim Virgin, CEO


Quantum Leap Productions (480) 990-7988 • results@qlpnow.com