Here’s a sobering fact - at your next meeting your attendees will leave retaining about 15% of the information…after all your efforts…only 15%!

Here’s another sobering fact. According to the Harvard Business Review, 87% of employees in America are unengaged.  Now, put them in a dark ballroom, throw in a bunch of long presentations with hundreds of PowerPoint slides and what do you get? Pretty much nothing. 

You’ve been there yourself, right? Those big meetings where you totally zone out? So, the very reason you had the meeting…to inform, to influence, to teach, and to inspire, is vapor. People leave and forget just about everything.  Even if you’ve tried shorter presentations or panels, how’s it turned out? Are you convinced people “get it” or do they leave remembering almost nothing?

For 26 years Quantum Leap Productions has made it our business to make sure corporate messages and information get remembered and acted on to get you the results you need. 

How? We don’t change your message - we radically change the delivery. Here is a fact…we remember plays, movies, and stories, but we don’t remember speeches.  We just don’t.  What we do is take YOUR information: imperatives, actions, vision, and we “package” them in wildly compelling and entertaining mediums to make them work for you. 

Your marketing or sales plan becomes an all original musical comedy…full cast, live band, and big musical numbers.  And the “secret sauce” to everything we do? Every production is about you. Your people, your imperatives, and your message all woven into a full-blown, custom stage production. Again, we remember stories, we don’t remember speeches.

Even complex training can be presented in sketch comedy formats like Saturday Night Live. Think about how we vividly recall SNL sketches from decades ago.  That’s what will happen to your message when presented in fun, topical, and entertaining ways. It really will.

This may seem a bit “out there” at first; we get that. So, here are a few QLP clients we have delighted over the years utilizing our highly creative and entertaining solutions. 

"Employees expected more speeches...instead got the best time they'd ever had at a meeting." 
- Deloitte

"Best meeting ever...tackled serious issues...front and center, but with humor...huge impact! Surveys ranked your musical production tops! Highest rating in all 6 cities!" 
- Bank of America

"Realized 30% increase in sales just weeks after the event...because of your presentation."                                                    - ON Semiconductor

"Musical was incredible...right on target. We are true believers in the impact of using music and comedy as a communication tool." 
- Motorola

"The music and comedy used to get our corporate message across...a home run!" 
- Arizona Public Service


Don't go into your next meeting knowing you’ll likely waste a ton of money and miss a huge opportunity. If only 15% of your people are impacted by your message, that’s not a “win”.


Call us today…we’ll work our creative magic just for you and have your employees on their feet cheering…it’s what we do.

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